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The Magic Hat Shop - Book Review

Yon Kahlon
Yon is the founder of Nooksy.
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About The Magic Hat Shop

A delightful tale about magic hats and bonnets, but above all, about the importance of being yourself and the hidden treasures we carry within us.

Conversation Starters

The stories in our Nooksy library are full of wonderful characters who experience wonderful things; all designed to spark conversations between you and your reading audience. Here are a few conversation starters for The Magic Hat Shop:

  • What did the hat shop represent to the townspeople? Why do you think they avoided the hat shop for so long?
  • Do you think that there’s a special meaning in the fact that Timid Tim was the first person brave enough to try on a new hat?
  • The story tells us that the hatter never spoke, but rather listened to his customers before helping them find the perfect hat. Why do you think that is important?
  • Do you think that the hats helped people become who they really wanted to be?
  • What would be the perfect hat for you?

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