From 9 months to 10-year-olds – these are the best, new and most-loved kids books this week on Nooksy, plus the latest trends in children’s books

Homeless bumblebees, hugable cacti and fun-loving dachshunds. These are the most loved, most shared and highest-rated kids books this week from the Nooksy children’s books collection.

6 Best-Loved Kids Books this Week

Most-Read Kids Books this Week

Philippa and the Homeless Bumblebee

By David Greaves & Danielle Callaghan

Join a playful bumblebee and a brave child in Philippa and the Homeless Bumblebee as they embark on an exciting adventure. This beautifully illustrated tale introduces children to the importance of bees and the wonders of the natural world in David Greaves and Danielle Callaghan’s Philippa and the Homeless Bumblebee.

Rating 5 Stars Themes Nature, Showing Empathy, Living your Values, Taking a Stand, Environmentally Conscious Ages 3-8 Y/O | Read it now

How to Hug a Cactus

By Emily S. Smith & Aleksandra Szmidt

Ever wondered how to hug a cactus? Our young protagonist is on a mission to embrace her beloved prickly plant in How to Hug a Cactus. With the support of family and a gardening expert, she embarks on a series of creative solutions to her spiky challenge in Emily S. Smith  and Aleksandra Szmidt’s How to Hug a Cactus.

Rating 5 Stars Themes Just for Fun, Living your Values, Rhymes, Friendships, Imagination Ages 3-8 Y/O | Read it now

Keeping up with the Dachshunds

By Carla Fitzgerald & Rebel Challenger

Welcome to Keeping Up with the Dachshunds, where Jet the dog embarks on a comical journey. With just three biscuits and a good joke, Jet attempts to match the pace of the speedy Dachshunds. However, she soon discovers that friendship goes beyond racing in Carla Fitzgerald and Rebel Challenger’s Keeping Up with the Dachshunds.

Themes Just for Fun, Living your Values, Just be Yourself, Visual, Whimsical, Ages 3-8 Y/O | Read it now

The Dance of the Bees

By Fran Nuño & Zuzanna Celej

Discover the enchanting world of The Dance of the Bees, a lyrical celebration of nature in a tranquil Japanese setting. Follow an elderly woman and her granddaughter on a summer stroll through the countryside, as they share the profound significance of bees in our ecosystem. Years later, the granddaughter returns to the same spot with her son, where her grandmother's house once stood, and experiences a magical revelation in Fran Nuño and Zuzanna Celej’s The Dance of the Bees.

Rating 5 Stars Themes Living your Values, Family, Nature, Taking a Stand, Vocabulary Ages 4–8 YO | Read it now

Highest-Rated Kids Books this Week

I Can Be Kind

By Heather Lester (author) & Amanda Appiarius (illustrator)

In the inspiring pages of I Can Be Kind, follow Alice as she embarks on a heartwarming journey of self-discovery. In a world that can often seem overwhelming, Alice discovers that making a difference doesn't always require grand gestures. Through simple acts of kindness and a willingness to help others, she finds her own power to create a better world, one small step at a time in Heather Lester and Amanda Appiarius’s I Can Be Kind.

Rating 4.84 Stars Themes Kindness, Trying New Things, Taking a Stand, Bullying Ages 4–8 YO | Read it now


By Lynne Rickards (Author), Margaret Chamberlin (Illustrator)

Join Patrick on a colourful adventure as he wakes up one morning to discover he's turned a vibrant shade of Pink! In a world where boys are supposed to be anything but pink, Patrick's journey unfolds with laughter, challenges, and heartwarming lessons in Lynne Rickard and Margaret Chamberlin’s Pink.

Rating 5 Stars Themes Bullying, Pets, Visual, Being Brave, Just be Yourself, I Can Do Hard Things Ages 3–8 YO | Read it now

Trends in Children’s Books: Top 5 Categories of Kids Books this week

1. Living your Values

Sometimes, it’s about what is right, not what is easy. And we can all do with a little bit of help and encouragement to stand up for what’s right. Discover the entire collection of books Living your Values.

2. Friendships

Animals, dinosaurs, mozzies and people, good friends look out for each other. And no matter how shy I get, there are always new friends to discover in our collection of books on Friendship.

3. Taking a Stand

A collection of the best and most inspiring children’s books on the topic of standing up for what’s right. Discover the entire collection of books on Taking a Stand.

4. Just for Fun

We all get a little silly sometimes and just want to relax and play! Well, that’s OK because playing is how we learn and grow in this awesome collection of books that are just for fun.

5. Just be Yourself

It’s more than just OK to be who you are – it’s wonderfully freeing! Everyone else is taken, and we all just want to see you be you. Discover the entire collection of Books on Just being Yourself.

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