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Where kids grow with family through storytime

Read books together via video call.

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“Nooksy connects far-away family members with children through storytime, and has also built the world’s first “impact” literature children’s library.”

Take storytime to the next level.

The benefits are astounding!

Raise the next generation

of readers that are


Reading improves both emotional and cognitive intelligence

Active Citizens

Nurture kids that care about the world around them


Help children develop and appreciate empathy and kindness


Read books together via video call

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What parents and kids are saying

"I enjoy being able to read to my grand children regularly even though we live more than 1400km apart."

Everina Schriek
Grandmother, 70 y/o

"I love it when Nana reads to me before going to bed. 'I can be kind' is my favourite book!"

Nerina Kriel
Child, 7 y/o

"We love Nooksy, its precious moments like a bedtime story that we miss out when living aboard, but then we got told about Nooksy, thank you very much for creating such a genius app!"

Nicky Duvenhage
Mom, 38 y/o

"My parents live in New Zealand so they never get to see the boys. They have never had to opportunity to meet Noah or Zion. This app is a great interactive way for them to connect"

Tarryn Jordaan
Mom, 35 y/o

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To use Nooksy, only one of the two participants needs to download the app, the other participant can simply join via mobile or desktop web.

Have loved ones read to your children, from your home to theirs

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Create a reading room and invite a family member via any social app.

share the invite link via WhatsApp, Email, Text or any other native sharing app on your device.

Join the room from any browser enabled device such as a laptop, ipad or phone

The person joining your call doesn't need the Nooksy app installed, they can simply join from any device connected to the internet.

Pick a book from the library featuring more than 30 books

our evergrowing library of books tackle important topics such as mindfulness and self-awareness.

Interact with the book by pointing, pinch to zoom or increase reading font size

Use the interactive features to make reading time more engaging and fun.

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