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Read books together via video call

Nurturing deeper meaning through the joy of storytime.

Read the daily book for free or get full access to our library for $3.99/month, cancel anytime.

To get started, download the Nooksy app for free

Let your faraway family build deeper connections, no matter the distance

With the click of a button they can connect from anywhere in the world

How to use Nooksy Read Together Story Time App: Step 1 Choose a title from our list of impactful children’s books to read together with far-away family via video call and create more meaningful connections, no matter the distance. (Download the app and get 1 FREE book per day!)

1. Choose a book

Choose from our curated library of “impactful” children’s books

How to use Nooksy Read Together Story Time App: Step 2 Share the link with far-away family and read together anywhere in the world via video call. (Download the app and get 1 FREE book per day!)

2. Share the link

Far-away loved ones don’t need the app to read with you

How to use Nooksy Read Together Story Time App: Step 3 Read together and create deeper, more meaningful connections with far-away far-away family through the joy of story time. (Download the app and get 1 FREE book per day!)

3. Read together

Enjoy storytime together!

How to use Nooksy Read Together Story Time App: Step 2 Share the link with far-away family and read together anywhere in the world via video call. (Download the app and get 1 FREE book per day!)


and get 1 Free book every day!

Or get access to the full library for $3.99/month, cancel anytime.

What parents and kids are saying

"I enjoy being able to read to my grand children regularly even though we live more than 1400km apart."
Everina Schriek
Grandmother, 70 y/o
"I love it when Nana reads to me before going to bed. 'I can be kind' is my favourite book!"
Nerina Kriel
Child, 7 y/o
"We love Nooksy, its precious moments like a bedtime story that we miss out when living aboard, but then we got told about Nooksy, thank you very much for creating such a genius app!"
Nicky Duvenhage
Mom, 38 y/o
"My parents live in New Zealand so they never get to see the boys. They have never had to opportunity to meet Noah or Zion. This app is a great interactive way for them to connect"
Tarryn Jordaan
Mom, 35 y/o

As featured on

“Nooksy connects far-away family members with children through storytime, and has also built the world’s first “impact” literature children’s library.”
“The best way to bond with kids from anywhere”

Create a reading room and invite a family member via any social app.

share the invite link via WhatsApp, Email, Text or any other native sharing app on your device.

Join the room from any browser enabled device such as a laptop, ipad or phone

The person joining your call doesn't need the Nooksy app installed, they can simply join from any device connected to the internet.

Pick a book from the library featuring more than 30 books

our evergrowing library of books tackle important topics such as mindfulness and self-awareness.

Interact with the book by pointing, pinch to zoom or increase reading font size

Use the interactive features to make reading time more engaging and fun.

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Frequently asked questions.

Want to learn more about Nooksy? Browse through some common questions below.

What is Nooksy?

Nooksy is the Read-Together Story Time App that allows far-away family to connect with children between 2 and 10 years by sharing the joy of story time via video call, anywhere in the world.

How does it work?

You download the Nooksy Read-Together Story Time App, select from our growing list of “impactful” books, share a link to your far-away family and read interactive and meaningful stories together.

What services does Nooksy offer?

Nooksy Read-Together Story Time App allows far-away family members to effortlessly read meaningful and impactful children's books, from a world-first ever-growing impact literature library, to little ones, with the aim of creating positive connections that help raise children that are conscious and mindful of the world around them.

How does Nooksy nurture deeper meaning in story time?

Nooksy gives readers an ever-growing library of meaningful, impact children’s books – specially selected and adapted with the help of experts in Early Childhood Education.

By allowing far-away family to read together via video call, Nooksy nurtures deeper relations between family members and loved ones, anywhere in the world.

Nooksy aims to empower traveling or long-distance parents, far-away grandparents or relative abroad to participate in raising children who are conscious and mindful, no matter the distance.

Special Nooksy Read-Together Story Time App Offer

For a limited time only, you can download the Nooksy Read-Together Story Time App on iOS and Android for FREE, and get 1 new FREE book every day. We hope you love it so much, you’ll want to purchase access to the full Nooksy Library for $3.99 per month (cancel anytime).