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The Golden Acorn Tree - Book Review

Yon is the founder of Nooksy.

About The Golden Acorn Tree

Follow a friendly squirrel as she explores a charming forest and gathers acorns for her neighbours. Young children will delight in this sweet tale of friendships with tails and how they help, and accept, every animal in their forest community.

Conversation Starters

The stories in our Nooksy library have been carefully chosen. They introduce wonderful characters who deal with relevant human emotions and experiences, and we hope that they will spark reflective conversation between you and the children with whom you read.

Here are a few conversation starters about The Golden Acorn Tree:

  • What do you think makes the squirrel so special?
  • Why do you think the skunk chooses to keep to himself?
  • Would you be friends with a character like the skunk?
  • How would you go about trying to be friends with him?
  • How did you feel when the beautiful golden tree was chopped down?
  • What has our friend the squirrel taught us about sharing?

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