From 9 months to 9-year-olds, and awesome read-aloud books for kindergarten – these are the 10 most-loved kids books in September on Nooksy, plus the latest trends in children’s books

Unconditional love, colourful adventures and taking time to appreciate the things around me. These are the most loved, most shared and highest-rated kids books in September from the Nooksy children’s books collection. (Also see the latest in kids books this week, the best kids books in October, the best free kids books in November and the awesome selection of kids books in December.)

10 Best-Loved Kids Books in September

5 Most Read Kids Books in September

My Shadow is Pink

By Scott Stuart

Unconditional love, respect and positive parenting. Scott Stuart’s My Shadow is Pink is something of a groundbreaking story for a new generation of kids and parents alike. Delving into the subjects of gender identity, self-acceptance, equality and diversity in beautifully written rhyme. If having discussions around gender identity is important for your family, then have a look at Scott Stuart’s My Shadow is Pink

Rating 5 Stars Themes Taking a Stand, Bullying, Just be Yourself, Trying New Things, Pets, Showing Empathy Ages 3–8 YO |  Read it now


By Lynne Rickards (Author), Margaret Chamberlin (Illustrator)

Join Patrick on a colourful adventure as he wakes up one morning to discover he's turned a vibrant shade of Pink! In a world where boys are supposed to be anything but pink, Patrick's journey unfolds with laughter, challenges, and heartwarming lessons in Lynne Rickard and Margaret Chamberlin’s Pink.

Rating 5 Stars Themes Bullying, Pets, Visual, Being Brave, Just be Yourself, I Can Do Hard Things Ages 3–8 YO | Read it now

I Can Be Kind

By Heather Lester (author) & Amanda Appiarius (illustrator)

In the inspiring pages of I Can Be Kind, follow Alice as she embarks on a heartwarming journey of self-discovery. In a world that can often seem overwhelming, Alice discovers that making a difference doesn't always require grand gestures. Through simple acts of kindness and a willingness to help others, she finds her own power to create a better world, one small step at a time in Heather Lester and Amanda Appiarius’s I Can Be Kind.

Rating 4.84 Stars Themes Kindness, Trying New Things, Taking a Stand, Bullying Ages 4–8 YO | Read it now

Facing the Wave

By Rebecca Marshallsay & Vaughan Duck

Dive into the heartwarming pages of this captivating tale where the thrill of trying new things meets the courage to conquer our deepest fears. In Rebecca Marshallsay and Vaughan Duck’s Facing the Wave, discover the power of a single encouraging word and the transformative effect it can have on one's journey. Join our protagonists as they navigate uncharted waters in Facing the Wave.

Themes Just for Fun, Trying New Things, Being Brave, Family, Rhymes Ages 3–8 YO | Read it now

Human Town

By Alan Durant & Anna Doherty

Step into the enchanting world of 'Human Town,' where each day is a new adventure waiting to unfold. Join us on this delightful journey as we explore the town's unique charm and the fascinating humans who call it home. However, as we wander its streets, we can't help but notice that something is amiss. The once-bustling Human Town seems quieter these days, leaving us with questions and a sense of nostalgia. Come along and discover the secrets that lie within the heart of Alan Durant and Anna Doherty’s Human Town.

Themes Environmentally Conscious, I Can Do Hard Things, Imagination, Taking a Stand Ages 5–8 YO | Read it now

5 Highest-Rated Kids Books in September

Stop the Clock

By Pippa Goodhart & Maria Christania

Follow Joe's journey in 'Stop the Clock' as he learns to slow down and truly see the world around him. Rushing to school, he's missing out on life's wonders, but a simple challenge from his teacher changes everything. Determined to understand what he's been overlooking, Joe embarks on a quest to stop time. Along the way, he discovers the magic of paying attention and the importance of appreciating the present moment in Pippa Goodhart and Maria Christania’s Stop the Clock.

Rating 5 Stars Themes Imagination, Living your Values, My Emotions, Taking a Stand, Family, School Ages 4–7 YO | Read it now

The Dance of the Bees

By Fran Nuño & Zuzanna Celej

Discover the enchanting world of 'The Dance of the Bees,' a lyrical celebration of nature in a tranquil Japanese setting. Follow an elderly woman and her granddaughter on a summer stroll through the countryside, as they share the profound significance of bees in our ecosystem. Years later, the granddaughter returns to the same spot with her son, where her grandmother's house once stood, and experiences a magical revelation in Fran Nuño and Zuzanna Celej’s The Dance of the Bees.

Rating 5 Stars Themes Living your Values, Family, Nature, Taking a Stand, Vocabulary Ages 4–8 YO | Read it now

The Golden Acorn Tree

By Jocelyn Argueta & Peili Huang

Join a friendly squirrel on her delightful journey through Jocelyn Argueta and Peili Huang’s The Golden Acorn Tree. In this heartwarming tale, she explores a charming forest, collecting acorns for her forest friends. Through the simple act of sharing and accepting each creature in their community, this story beautifully illustrates the power of friendship and unity, making The Golden Acorn Tree a perfect read for young children.

Rating 5 Stars Themes Friendships, Kindness, Imagination, Living your Values, Nature Ages 3–6 YO | Read it now

Mariama Different But Just the Same

By Jerónimo Cornelles, Nívola Uyá & Jon Brokenbrow

Explore the touching story of Mariama: Different but Just the Same. This heartfelt narrative introduces Mariam, a unique character navigating a world that may not fully understand her differences. As you journey alongside Mariam, you'll discover the universal theme of acceptance, showing that despite our differences, we are all fundamentally the same. This is a story that celebrates the beauty of diversity and the importance of embracing our individuality in Jerónimo Cornelles, Nívola Uyá and Jon Brokenbrow’s Mariama: Different but Just the Same.

Rating 5 Stars Themes Being Brave, I Can Do Hard Things, Trying New Things, African, Friendships, School Ages 3–5 YO | Read it now

Moon's Messenger

By Virginia Kroll & Zuzanna Celej

Moon's Messenger is a poignant reminder of the crucial need to conserve and respect our environment. In this captivating tale, we're inspired to recognize our role in protecting nature and preserving biodiversity. It serves as a powerful testament that each one of us can make a positive impact and contribute to safeguarding the natural world we cherish in Virginia Kroll and Zuzanna Celej’s Moon's Messenger.

Rating 5 Stars Themes Environmentally Conscious, Nature, I Can Do Hard Things, Taking a Stand, Vocabulary, Showing Empathy Ages 5–6 YO | Read it now

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Trends in Children’s Books: Top 5 Categories of Kids Books in September

Taking a Stand

A collection of the best and most inspiring children’s books on the topic of standing up for what’s right. Discover the entire collection in Taking a Stand.

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I Can Do Hard Things

When there are important things that are hard to do or talk about, we can all use a little encouragement and help. Discover the empowering children’s stories collection in I Can Do Hard Things.

Living your Values

Sometimes, it’s about what is right, not what is easy. And we can all do with a little bit of help and encouragement to stand up for what’s right. Discover the entire collection in Living your Values.

Showing Empathy

Realising that other people are just like me is such an important life skill! Knowing how my thoughts and actions impact others, and how theirs impact me is such a big part of growing up. Discover the entire collection in Showing Empathy.

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Just be Yourself

It’s more than just OK to be who you are – it’s wonderfully freeing! Everyone else is taken, and we all just want to see you be you. Discover the entire collection in Just be Yourself.

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