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The Squiggle Wiggles - Book Preview

Yon is the founder of Nooksy.

About The Squiggle Wiggles

A famous animal music group lands at the airport and has to be transported to the concert hall. However, Officer Ant’s vehicle does not have room for The Squiggle Wiggles, their luggage and their musical instruments. They have to come up with a brilliant plan to fit in the vehicle in order to be on time for their show.

Meet The Squiggle Wiggles

Backstory of The Squiggle Wiggles, which was first written in Afrikaans; Die Skarrelwarrels.

I am an upper elementary school teacher and taught a picture book writing unit. I always write alongside my students and model going through the entire writing process. I developed the idea of The Squiggle Wiggles, wrote the illustration briefs and ended up sending my idea to Naledi Publishing House. They accepted The Squiggle Wiggles concept and so started the whole publishing process. I shared every step with my fourth graders and together we experienced how a picture book is developed, published and finally available in bookstores around the country. 

My Muse; Marshmallow the Guinea Pig

Conversation Starters

The stories in our Nooksy library have been carefully chosen and are full of interesting characters, all designed to spark creative conversations between you and your young audience members. The Squiggle Wiggles address important subjects such as team work and creative problem solving.

Here are a few conversation suggestions to have with the little ones during the read aloud:

  • Which character do you think is most like you? And why?
  • How would you solve the problem of not fitting into the car?
  • Did The Squiggle Wiggles try only one to solve the problem? 
  • If the problem wasn’t your fault, do you think you should still help to solve it?


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