At Nooksy our heart has always been to help families connect. With family members falling into different age brackets, making the experience and process of connecting as easy and understandable as possible is one of our primary objectives. This is why we are constantly engaging parents in our user experience testing, learning from them and incorporating these learnings into our planning. After several interviews, we have made substantial improvements to our user experience in our app, our web app as well as our website.

Tutorial for new users

We have added an interactive tutorial for first time users, making it easy for themselves to orientate and learn the controls that makes making a call easy!

We even have Jessica “joining in” for a dummy call to showcase the user experience of a an actual call. Go give it a try by navigating to the Tutorial in app.

New reading interface

Its now easier than ever to share your room details with friends and family. Your share link is visible as you join and can be shared via any social media app on your device (such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook messenger or even email).

We have also made it easier to increase the font size or page size simply by using some of the new interaction tools.

Book previews

With a Nooksy free account, parents can now preview the first 6 pages of each of our books. What’s more, we are also featuring 12 books on our website, each with some preview pages for you to have a look at!

Try Nooksy for Free

With a Nooksy account, you can now read up to 3 books for free within our featured book section. Want to give it a try? Head on over to the app store and download Nooksy to access the new features and free reads!

Explore more insightful thoughts and topics at the Nooksy blog, including the amazing benefits of reading to your child. Also see our feature on how to read each page with your child.

Plus: Find out why kids are so prone to holiday tantrums. And, for faraway family, here are some ideas on how to stay connected.

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