Yoga at the Zoo


Teresa Anne Power, Emma Allen

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Lovable, curious Little Mouse is here to help kids use yoga to solve problems and manage emotions in Yoga at the Zoo, the first book in the Little Mouse Adventures series from international bestselling author and Kids' Yoga Day creator, Teresa Power! Little Mouse and his family live in a cozy burrow nestled in young Tammy McDoodle's backyard. Tammy and her mother love to practice yoga together, and Little Mouse loves to follow along! In this beautifully illustrated picture book, adorable Little Mouse and the wise and lovable lazy cat, Mr. Opus, follow Tammy on a field trip to the zoo and meet new animal friends, while learning simple yet meaningful yoga poses along the way. "Instructing young children to be different animals will spark great imagination." - Siri Krishna Kaur Khalsa, Preschool Yoga Teacher A guaranteed story-time favorite, Yoga at the Zoo gently imparts important lessons about friendship, dealing with new situations, and meeting new people. Kids will delight in the interactive adventures of Little Mouse and Mr. Opus, while parents and educators will love watching children apply their new-found yoga skills to quiet their minds and manage stressful situations.

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This unique and delightful yoga-themed impact children’s book was created by Kids’ Yoga Day creator Teresa Anne Power. And it is now available as part of the Nooksy Read-Together Storytime App’s library of impact children’s books for connecting with faraway family.

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