Ariel Andres Almada & Sonja Wimmer & Jon Brokenbrow

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Following on from the success of Little One, from the same creative team comes Son, a declaration of love from parents to their son, with stunning art by award-winning illustrator Sonja Wimmer. The long-awaited arrival of a child fills the hearts of all parents with love. That is what happened to the parents of this very special child. In this story they welcome his little son into the world, while they tell him all about this world, their illusions and their fears. They express how much they would like to overcome their fears for him, or prevent him from going through sad moments, but the job of a father is to fill his toddler with feathers, so that one day he can fly alone and feel protected, but, above all, so that find he finds his way home.

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This moving and lovingly created impact children’s book is now available as part of the Nooksy Read-Together Storytime App’s library of impact children’s books for connecting with faraway family.

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